Meat Beat Manifesto – ScarKord Mixtape

Another mix from my archives. This time, a mini mixtape of sorts built around drum and synth loops from various Meat Beat Manifesto tracks, remixes and solo tracks by Jack Dangers. Includes the obligatory ‘Radio Babylon’ too but with a new, dirty acid bassline I added in there to spice things up a little. “It’s in my brain now…” and hopefully, in yours too :)

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Iambic 9 Poetry (ScarKord Remix)

Thought it was about time I came out of hibernation. Lovely sunny day in London, so I dug this Squarepusher remix out of my archives.

All drum edits done by hand – none of that Glitch or StutterEdit nonsense for me ;)

Wonder what else I can find in the archives ????

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Who we are? (ScarKord Remix)

Just finished my second remix for Savage Sound System. Couldn’t decide whether to go uptempo or downtempo, so included elements of both in the same mix :)

Very different sounding to the original, both musically but also in terms of the vocals which have tons of microedits to get the timing to fit. Really happy with how it turned out, particularly the switch to the double time ‘rap’ section at around 1:15.

The instrumental part from 1:45 onwards reminds me a little of Orbital now I think of it, but this was entirely unintentional ;)

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Sonic Pi update

After going to all the effort of adding the TFT screen to my Raspberry Pi, I noticed that they now have Windows and Mac versions of Sonic Pi 2.0 too!

Sod’s law, but at least it means I can have Sonic Pi running on all my devices now :)

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Sonic Pi random sequencing

I bought a Raspberry Pi when they first came out, with plans to turn it into a MIDI arpeggiator or something similar. Like many of my ideas though, I never actually got around to doing anything about it so the Pi has sat in a drawer for the last couple of years, never once being powered on.

I then read a post on about adding a mini touchscreen to it. A few days later, and I became the proud owner of an Adafruit PiTFT which has given the abandoned Pi a new lease of life!

Sonic pi

This evening, I’ve been dabbling with Sonic Pi, a simple audio programming language that comes pre-installed on Raspbian.

With very little effort, I managed to get a nice, random sequence generator up and running in 5 lines of code:-

with_tempo 240
with_synth "dull_bell"
loop do
play_pattern [45, 50, 60, 72, 79, 84].shuffle

Version 2.0 of Sonic Pi is currently in Beta and promises to do a lot more than simple pattern playback including sample manipulation, more synthesis models and some effects processing too. Definitely worth checking out if you already have a Raspberry Pi and maybe an excuse to get one if you don’t!

Follow Sonic Pi’s twitter feed for more info about Version 2.0

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Nord Drum Librarian

Have just knocked up a quick Max for Live librarian for the Nord Drum module . This makes it much easier to navigate through the factory presets and user banks without having to refer to the manual.

Nord Librarian

You can download it now from

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Plaid remix

Here’s my latest remix, a reworking of the track ‘Tether’ by Plaid. Sincerely hope I’ve done it justice :)

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Eurorack Lunchbox

My latest project, just so I have some modular fun close to hand when it’s too cold to sit up in my shed :)

Really pleased with the Spectre iPad sequencer too. Works great with the CV Pal module and allows me an easy way to program accents for the VCF303 via the second gate output.

Lunchbox 1

Lunchbox 2

Have some DIY modules lined up to build in the new year including an Alex & June filter and a Music Thing Modular Spring Reverb. Planning to mount the phono sockets on the side of the case so that the tank can be positioned away from the power supply.

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Vampires (ScarKord Remix)

Glitchy remix from a few years back of the Clear Air Turbulence track ‘Vampires’, featuring Siqboi on vocals (in there somewhere :) ). Given an update, a bit of spit and polish and some analogue bassline goodness for 2013.

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Gary Numan – Love Hurt Bleed (ScarKord Remix)

New ScarKord remix for you to enjoy. This time a remix of the Gary Numan track ‘Love Hurt Bleed’ from his excellent album, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind).

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