Living Soul Remix

Completed a remix of the ‘Messiah Syndrome’ track ‘Living Soul’. Colin is currently in the studio recording additional tracks for a new Messiah Syndrome EP, which he’s hoping will get some record company interest. No word yet as to whether the ScarKord remix will make an appearance.

What I’m up to

Work has begun on a new album, the first under the ‘ScarKord’ moniker. Early indications are that it will be breaks orientated, with a little sci-fi madness thrown in. (Although they all start out like that !)

Hopefully I should get some work-in progress demos uploaded soon.

Also met up with an old mate of mine Colin Stillman. He’s currently gigging with his band the ‘Messiah Syndrome’ who are Derry’s premier Darkwave/Industrial band (in fact, they are probably Derry’s ONLY Darkwave/Industrial band !) Joking aside, he gave me a copy of their demo and it is surprisingly good. I have of course, already offered to remix it 🙂