God this baby lark takes up all of your spare time 🙂 Where did the last 12 weeks go ???

Anyway, my mate Colin from Messiah Syndrome has informed me that they are releasing a new EP (their fifth!) on 17th December.

Bad ass remixer

Got another message from Mary Pastorius about the remix…

“The remix is awesome – perfect – I love it. Definitely gonna use it… Wrote a bit about on my news page…”

And here’s an extract from the news page on the Queen Mary website.

“ALSO – an update on the SYNTHVOX comp. I’ve decided to go with one of my fave entries from the PLP remix contest – ScarKord. His original remix was already bad to the bone, but he’s tweaked it a bit since the contest – (upon my request… Jason, you are really too kind as I know I can be QUITE annoying 🙂 – and now it’s BAD ASS. The new remix with it’s ultra-funky new ending is utterly addicting… stay tuned for details on how to get your fix. 🙂 “

She likes it!

Got this message from Mary Pastorius, lead vocalist for Queen Mary and daugther of the late, great Bassist, Jaco Pastorius.

“I can’t remember if I contacted you personally to tell you how much I absolutely LOOOVE your remix. I listen to it just about everyday… I’m actually listening to it right now 🙂 I am considering using it as the QM track on the synthvox complilation and wondering what your thoughts are.”

Of course I was thrilled to bits at the prospect so got straight back to her to say I’m interested! I’ve already done a slightly extended version which I sent Mary earlier this week, so watch this space!

New remixes

Completed two more new remixes – ‘Culture Vulture’ by Jesus Jones and ‘Nothing’ by Queen Mary.

The ‘Culture Vulture’ mix features some nice trance synth, breakbeats and vocoded vocals, whilst ‘Nothing’ is a darker affair with glitched vocals, drone synths and lovely cut-up basslines.

The Jesus Jones mix should be available on their website right about now.