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ScarKord revisted

Have just been going through some backups and came across a folder of old ScarKord remixes. Have spent the evening listening to them, reminiscing and in some cases, wondering just how the hell did I come up with those sounds / arrangements / breakdowns / drops (delete as appropriate).

Anyway, it’s both inspired me to do some new remixes and reminded me that I did some pretty good remixes in the past. I’ve put a selection up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. If you are in a band and like what you hear, get in touch and we can have a chat about a ScarKord remix of your very own (ha ha). Jason at scarkord dot com

Guillotine (ScarKord Reworking)

New remix/reworking of the track ‘Guillotine’ available to download from

This is a reworking of the track ‘Madame Guillotine’ by Cole Coleman. It’s technically an Acidplanet contest entry, but is a bit too far removed from the original to be a serious contender. Saying that, Cole himself seems to like it…

“Hello ScarKord, I found your entry to be surprisingly interesting – and I liked it! I would love to see this backing a video. I guess the Experimental genre often hears that. Good work. Thanks for your time and entry!”