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ScarKord revisted

Have just been going through some backups and came across a folder of old ScarKord remixes. Have spent the evening listening to them, reminiscing and in some cases, wondering just how the hell did I come up with those sounds / arrangements / breakdowns / drops (delete as appropriate).

Anyway, it’s both inspired me to do some new remixes and reminded me that I did some pretty good remixes in the past. I’ve put a selection up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. If you are in a band and like what you hear, get in touch and we can have a chat about a ScarKord remix of your very own (ha ha). Jason at scarkord dot com

Ariel Aparicio remix and collaboration

Happy New Year!

Got a couple of bits of good news for you. Firstly, Ariel Aparicio has kindly made my remix available to download from his website.

Go and check it out here…


Also, Ariel sent me one of his older demos, a track called ‘Feel the Rush’ which he thought might fit my style of music pretty well and he suggested we collaborate on a new version. The re-recorded backing track is all but done and Ariel is planning to go in the studio soon to cut the vocals. Can’t wait to hear the result!

Might Like You Better (ScarKord’s Serious Remix)

Just uploaded an alternative mix at a more sedate 130 bpm. But the mix is anything but sedate! Breaks, false ending, hidden acid, glitched vox and even a little nod to Kraftwerks Tour de France in there too. (Thanks to a vox loop from the rather excellent ‘Electronic Point Blank’ library).

To be honest, this is much more my usual sound than that drum & bass nonsense I’ve been dabbliing with (ha ha).

Anyway, please have a listen and leave some feedback on acidplanet if you can. Be interesting to hear whether the ‘real’ me is preferred to the fake one!

Might Like You Better (ScarKord’s Serious Remix)

Time for a change in direction?

Funny isn’t it. You can spend ages refining, editing and sculpting your electronic masterpiece, making sure not a single beat is out of place and no one listens to it.

But when you spend a couple of hours one rainy evening, doing a ‘just for fun’ drum and bass remix, everyone listens to it, you get your highest chart placing and loads of glowing reviews!

I think there’s a lesson in there somewhere 🙂

Birds as high as planes – ScarKord remix

Birds as High as Planes (ScarKord Remix)

There’s a new ScarKord remix available for download over on acidplanet.com. It’s a fierce drum & bass remix of the track ‘Birds as High as Planes’ by the band Bleed Electric.

As well as suitably manic beats and vocals glitched to buggery it features some evil swept bass courtesy of Native Instruments Massive. Not my usual style, but good fun all the same.

I love 80’s synth pop

One of the best things about getting older is that you are no longer under any pressure to be cool. Whereas a few years ago, everything had to be abstract, moody and minor keys, I’m now a Dad of two with a mortgage and a rediscovered love of 80’s synth pop. How things change.

Wonderful things can happen when you ignore your inner critic and my most recent remix is the perfect example of this. My younger self would have thought it far commercial and ‘pop’ but my older self knows better. Anyway, onto the remix….

The band Love Spirals very kindly made the individual parts of their song ‘This Truth’ available for a competition on Synthvox. As per usual, I waited until the last day of the contest to start my remix – nothing focuses the mind better than a bit of pressure. Whilst the original version was a sultry, downtempo affair I sprinkled some Scarkord fairy dust on it and turned it into something else entirely.

Normal service will resume for the next remix… possibly 🙂