Yearly Archives: 2003

Remix a Donkey

Just completed a mix of the Donkey Tugger track “The Power of Negative Thought” which has had some favourable feedback…

Also, I’ve just bought a Korg Electribe EA1 Synth. Haven’t had much time to delve into it yet, but it sounds very acidic (Which is a good thing).

Best Fan Mix

My remix of ‘Nothing to Hold Me’ was recently voted Best fan mix on the Jesus Jones mailing list !

Not sure exactly how many votes I got, or indeed, how many members there are on the mailing list but I was chuffed to bits all the same.

More toys for the studio

On a whim, I bought an Alesis ‘Air Synth’. You play it by waving your hand over an infra-red sensor that looks a bit like HAL’s Eye from 2001. A yes, that totally influenced why I bought it 🙂

Initial thoughts are it has some great sounds, but is very difficult to control accurately.


Finished recording the first of the ‘Clear Air Turbulence’ albums – an ongoing collaboration with Cosmo Valseca.

Demo-cratic – Recorded January 2003.

1. Puppy mincer
2. Squabble and Tweak
3. The leaves fall down
4. Glitch
5. Machines have feelings too
6. Its a bit kind of like… (Listen)
7. Skyline
8. Shattered crystal Dragon
9. Energy storm (Listen)
10. Suspect is heading for the school
11. Waving not drowning (ScarKord Ambient Remix)
12. No-one left but you and I

Tracks 1, 3, 5, 8, 10 and 12 – Written and Produced by Cosmo Valseca.
Tracks 2, 4, 6, 7, 9 and 11 – Written and Produced by Jason Vine.