Yearly Archives: 2005


The track chosen by Jamie @ Annexia is Cosmonaut…

“I’d be very happy to put either of them on the CD but I’m most fond of ‘Cosmonaut’, the melody in that is so creepy and the strings are at times reminiscent of the soundtrack to Leon by Eric Serra, an absolutely beautiful piece of work.”

Just waiting to hear when the release date will be.

Synthvox compilation update

Just seen the artwork for the forthcoming SynthVox compilation – It looks lovely.

Synthvox Cover

The final tracklisting has now been agreed and the ScarKord Remix is track 8 on the CD. Release should be late August / early September.

Remix feedback

Just got the first feedback from my new Jesus Jones remix, including this message which must rank as one of the best responses ever…

Cocking Hell – That’s a bit good innit !!!!!
**insert kneeling and bowing smiley here**



It made my day 🙂

Idiot Stare (ScarKord Remix)

I was just doing a spot of housekeeping and came across a mix I started ages ago of Jesus Jones’s ‘Idiot Stare’ but never quite got around to finishing.

With the benefit of fresh ears, I decided it sounded pretty good so dusted it down, made a few tweaks and put it on Youtube. Hope you like it!

Synthvox CD

Got an e-mail from Jason Donnelly of Peace and Love Productions. The final track listing for the SynthVox CD is being agreed, so it should be ready for pressing soon!