Yearly Archives: 2007

New remix comes around

I’ve just completed a remix for AcidPlanet that I’m really happy with.

This is a reworking of ‘Around’ by the french composer Vincent Bernay and is perhaps, dare I say it, ‘softer’ than some of my other remixes which tend to be a bit full on. (In a good way though I hope!) You can hear the track at…

If you like what you hear, don’t forget to rate it and leave some feedback. Constructive comments only though please (ha ha).

Here’s what Vincent himself had to say about the remix…

“Excellent! I like it very much, it has a great sound and I like the way you have rebuilt the song to create an other melody… Very creative and melodic!”

Remixes? They’re like buses

I don’t know. You wait two years for a remix to be released then it gets released twice!

Mary Pastorius wrote to tell me that the ScarKord remix of Nothing is included as a bonus track on her album ‘From then to almost now’. Don’t let that put you off though – it’s an excellent album in it’s own right and well worth a listen 🙂

Oh, and for all the ScarKord completists out there (well, both of you) this version was remastered especially for the album by Eric Young.

Mary Pastorius Album

You can grab a copy from CD Baby as well as listen to track previews. Alternatively, it’s available to download on iTunes or Amazon.

It’s all a matter of patience

After a two year wait, the synthvox compilation was finally released at the beginning of June.

This is an excellent collection of tracks from UK, US and European artists and features the ScarKord remix of Queen Mary’s ‘Nothing’. It’s available for purchase from Katatonic Music and CD Baby.