Yearly Archives: 2010

Well that was fun!

The live set was fantastic. Very nervous for the first couple of minutes, but once I got into it, I loved it! Think I was a little overambitious trying to play live drum parts on the opening track, at the same time as handling the usual Ableton clip triggering stuff, but managed to get through without any technical hitches! Although the Korg Kaoss Pad I’d rigged up didn’t even get used! Doh! The keyboard connected to the dblue glitch plugin went down a treat though.

The music seemed to go down well with the crowd too, considering most of them would have never heard it before. Even had a few drunken Australian girls dancing in front of me at one point. Would have been even better had it been to one of the dancier tracks 😉

Other highlights include the guy to my right who insisted on whooping and hand clapping every time I dropped the beats out and brought them back in again (using the APC40’s crossfader) and a chat with one of the other acts who said afterwards “Are you sure you’ve never played live before?” which made me feel a whole lot more confident.

Anyway, I loved it, the crowd seemed to as well and the organisers have given me an open invitation to play again in the future (although I think my two boys being home for the 6 week School holidays might scupper that for the time being). Maybe next year 🙁

Set list for those who are interested in that sort of thing was :-

It is Forbidden / Strands / Krafty / Energy Storm / Thud Funk / Noisy Acid

For an encore, I played my Guillotine remix, complete with operatic vocals and glitches. And funny enough, that was the one that got the Aussie girls dancing the most! You live and learn 😉

ScarKord’s live debut

As has long been threatened, I’ll finally be making my live debut next Wednesday, 30th June at Hidden Away Electronic.

Scarkord at Hidden Away Electronic Flyer

Hidden Away Electronic is a night of experimental electronic and acoustic music, held once a month at the Sapphire Lounge (inside the Shakespeare Tavern), 99 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria, SW1W 0RP opposite Victoria Station.

I’ll be playing a 20 minute set from around 8.30pm, comprising a selection of old and new ScarKord material. There will also be a DJ from 7.30pm as well as other acts on the night – see the flyer for details. It’s free entry too which can’t be bad!

There are precious few of these sorts of gigs for live Electronic music in London, so if you can come along and show your support it could make for a great night!

I’m back (Almost)

Well, I’m finally on the mend following the fracture of my right elbow 5 weeks ago. The cast came off on Monday, and although I’m in a lot of pain, I am at least able to move my arm a little more each day.

It somewhat scuppered my musical plans though, but I hope to get a third ScarKord EP finished some time in the next month or so and then finally get the live set together. I’m hoping to debut at Hidden Away Electronic, which is a great little Electronica night which runs in Victoria, London on the last Wednesday of each month. I managed to make it along back in March before my accident, and think the ScarKord material will go down pretty well there.

Oh, and somehow, I’m up to #32 on the Reverbnation London Electronic chart (?) Thanks to everyone who’s listening to my tracks on there. New stuff coming soon 😉

Anyway, better keep it short and sweet.

All the best, SK

One week on…

… and I’m up to #43 on the ReverbNation electronica chart for London!

Work’s progressing nicely on the new EP. I now have three of the intended five tracks finished so am hoping to release it in early April.

Had a productive weekend with Clear Air Turbulence too. Ran through a few of my ideas with Cosmo for taking the music live as well as playing him some of the new ScarKord stuff. I’ve also given him an unfinished ScarKord track ‘Wobbulator’ which he intends to use in his Raptronica project. Be interesting to hear what he does with that!

Exciting times!

It’s all kicking off! The feedback on Reverbnation has been great for the ‘Throwing Stones’ tracks and I’m positively flying up their electronica charts. (Currently #54 in London and #999 worldwide)

On top of that, I’m off to Leeds this weekend to do a bit of recording with Cosmo of Clear Air Turbulence

But the really exciting news is that I’ve been in touch with a local singer/songwriter who’s looking for a collaborator to help get his Electro soul act of the ground. Had a listen to some of his work and he has a FANTASTIC voice and a singing style all his own, the tunes aren’t half bad either. I won’t name him at this point, as I don’t want to jinx it, but initial e-mail contact has been promising, he likes the ScarKord stuff and we’re meeting for a music chat next week!

Anyway, I’m pretty sure one of the above three projects will result in live gigs which I’m so looking forward to finally doing.