Yearly Archives: 2012

Modular madness

Just taking my first steps into the world of modular synthesis as an early present to myself for my up and coming 40th birthday (yes, I really am that old!)

Have started small with some basic doepfer modules including their Noise generator and Sample and Hold modules which are great for random filtered madness, and augmented them with a lovely TipTop Audio Z3000 oscillator which sounds lush! I also got a V’amp VCA from Post Modular which is pretty special and doubles as a ring modulator.

To follow is a Future Sound Systems Decade Counter, which seems strangely appropriate considering my advancing years!

The Novation Launchpad is used as a step sequencer for the modular synth, running a Max for Live patch. The Dark Energy acts as a MIDI to CV convertor as well as providing LFO’s and envelope duties until I buy dedicated modules for these.

Can see how this can get addictive (not to mention expensive!)

Hours of fun πŸ™‚

modular synth

Dark Energy editor

Just created a new max for live device to edit my Doepfer Dark Energy synth. This let’s you get easy access to the goodies in the ‘learn mode’ including the arpeggiator. It goes without saying (hopefully) that you’ll need a copy of Ableton Live and Max for Live to make use of this. Enjoy!

You can download it now from where you’ll also find the editor I wrote for for the MeeBlip micro

Cream Maschine

Just received a custom NI Maschine skin supplied by Jesse Dean designs. Really compliments the β€˜cream’ colour of my studio and looks fabulous!

Shed update

Got some new toys for the shed.

  • NI’s Maschine for drum machine duties, which has some great sounding drum kits. I’ve haven’t quite worked out how best to integrate it with Ableton Live yet, although it works great as a pad controller for Ableton drum racks – but that sort of defeats the object of it!
  • A Doepfer Dark Energy analogue synth which I’ve already modified with custom end panels and a second LFO out. Doesn’t always deliver the most predictable results, but I kinda like that.
  • An Alesis ineKo, which is like a multi-effect version of the Bitrman with additional delays and vocoder programs built in.

It did require me to sell a few items though, so the Korg Pad Kontrol has gone to a new home.


Just posted a rough mix up on Soundcloud of a new track I’ve been working on. Starts with some nice bell patterns from the FM8 synth, as well as sounds from my modified Speak and Spell (Those are the noises which sound a bit like a robotic sheep). Then it mutates into a Luke Vibert style acid track with some lovely bubbling TB303 basslines.

Welcome (back)

Hi there and welcome to my new WordPress website!

I decided to go for something a little more simple and easy to maintain, so this should hopefully mean I can blog more often.

I’ll be posting some demos and rough mixes to my Soundcloud page as I record new material. Will also dig out some archive material and remixes to put up there too so start following me now! πŸ™‚