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The Industrial Zone (ScarKord Remix)

Here’s a new remix I’ve done for Savage Sound System that will be featured on their forthcoming remix EP.

I have a soft spot for singers and rappers who don’t try and disguise their regional dialect, so really enjoyed remixing this track. Had a lot of fun squeezing some Native American chanting into the choruses too (You’ll understand when you hear it) and did literally hundreds of micro edits to get the drums swinging just right.

The remix is underpinned by some lovely evolving pads, courtesy of the excellent Hideaway Studio Blue Zone series, using a combination of their Ambivox and Heavenly Pad instruments. Definitely worth checking out and really reasonably priced too!

ScarKord revisted

Have just been going through some backups and came across a folder of old ScarKord remixes. Have spent the evening listening to them, reminiscing and in some cases, wondering just how the hell did I come up with those sounds / arrangements / breakdowns / drops (delete as appropriate).

Anyway, it’s both inspired me to do some new remixes and reminded me that I did some pretty good remixes in the past. I’ve put a selection up on Soundcloud for your listening pleasure. If you are in a band and like what you hear, get in touch and we can have a chat about a ScarKord remix of your very own (ha ha). Jason at scarkord dot com

Guillotine (ScarKord Reworking)

New remix/reworking of the track ‘Guillotine’ available to download from

This is a reworking of the track ‘Madame Guillotine’ by Cole Coleman. It’s technically an Acidplanet contest entry, but is a bit too far removed from the original to be a serious contender. Saying that, Cole himself seems to like it…

“Hello ScarKord, I found your entry to be surprisingly interesting – and I liked it! I would love to see this backing a video. I guess the Experimental genre often hears that. Good work. Thanks for your time and entry!”