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Stylophone feedback modification

I came across a blog entry on Jim Purbrick’s website, detailing a feedback modification for the new stylophones that creates some nasty, distorted tones. (Nice!)


The modification works by routing the headphone output into the mp3 input thus creating a feedback loop. I managed to find a couple of alternative feedback points too (some switched, some through potentiometers) and also took the opportunity to reposition the pitch bend knob to the front panel.

A word of warning though, the quality of the factory soldering and indeed the wiring itself is pretty poor and I managed to inadvertently rip the vibrato switch off of the circuit board – taking the soldering point with it! Fortunately, everything else is working fine and I’ve repurposed the vibrato switch for a couple of bend points which generate a constant drone – much easier than struggling with the stylus.

Thanks to Jim for the idea!

That’s more like it!

Well, I’m pleased to say, the surgery was a success and the DR-110 finally has some kick drum oomph. Lot’s of it actually.

I’ve made quite a few modifications and added a bunch of knobs; there is a Snare Decay, then a Snare fizz/snap mix – lot’s of sound adjustment potential with these two. On the next row we have clap and hi-hat pitch. All four modifications replaced the existing fixed resistors with 47k pots as per the suggestions here

Then a row of switches to increase the clap and snare decay envelopes, making them sound distant and echoey. This was acheived by piggy-backing 2.2uf electro capacitors in series with the original capacitors. I got the idea from this post, but rather than make permanent modifications, I wired them to switches so that I could retain the original sounds too.

And finally, two more switches for Thud 1 and Thud 2 respectively. The first switch puts a 4.7uf electro capacitor across r70, which gives a subtle boost to the kick. The second switch adds a further two parallel 4.7uf capacitors across r70 that gives it a nice 808 like roundness.

I’ll put some before and after loops up in the next couple of days so you can hear the effect for yourself.

Definitely worth buying one of these if you see one for a reasonable price.