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Birds as High as Planes (ScarKord Remix)

There’s a new ScarKord remix available over on acidplanet. It’s a fierce drum & bass remix of the track ‘Birds as High as Planes’ by the band Bleed Electric.

As well as suitably manic beats and vocals glitched to buggery it features some evil swept bass courtesy of Native Instruments Massive. Not my usual style, but good fun all the same.

I love 80’s synth pop

One of the best things about getting older is that you are no longer under any pressure to be cool. Whereas a few years ago, everything had to be abstract, moody and minor keys, I’m now a Dad of two with a mortgage and a rediscovered love of 80’s synth pop. How things change.

Wonderful things can happen when you ignore your inner critic and my most recent remix is the perfect example of this. My younger self would have thought it far commercial and ‘pop’ but my older self knows better. Anyway, onto the remix….

The band Love Spirals very kindly made the individual parts of their song ‘This Truth’ available for a competition on Synthvox. As per usual, I waited until the last day of the contest to start my remix – nothing focuses the mind better than a bit of pressure. Whilst the original version was a sultry, downtempo affair I sprinkled some Scarkord fairy dust on it and turned it into something else entirely.

Normal service will resume for the next remix… possibly 🙂

You’re Not Alone (ScarKord Remix)

I’ve just remixed the Electric Chariot track “You’re Not Alone” for an AcidPlanet competition. The original version is an ‘electro house’ affair, but I’ve tried to create something altogther more moody and emotive with only the vocal parts surviving from the original track.

The mallet type delayed arpeggio, that reminds me somewhat of my idols Plaid, came from the rather splendid FM8 softsynth which also supplied the bass drone and synth pads. The drums were programmed and chopped in Acid Pro, with individual hits being effected by a variety of plugins including dblue glitch, audiodamage dr. device and scarkord distorto. (Got to get a mention in there somehow 🙂

The vocals themselves were subjected to some reverse reverb and dubstation delay with speakerphone supplying that ‘telephone voice’ effect. Oh and plenty of chopping up too 🙂

Oh, and Happy New Year!