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Pedal Board Project

I don’t often use guitar pedals, but they are good for creatively messing up the ‘clean’ sounds from my synths. It was always a bit of a hassle setting them up though, and as you know I like a project, so I put together a basic pedal board. All fairly standard stuff, but I introduced a mini mixer in the chain so that I can mix the wet and dry signals from the delay. It also allows me to create some feedback loops by using output B from the reverb and putting it into Input 3 on the mixer.

My requirements were also that they should be powered off of a single plug. The pedals were straightforward in that regard, but the mixer used 12v rather than the 9v pedal’s typical need.

The solution came in the form of the Donner DP-2 Guitar Pedal Power Supply, which has 10 outputs including one at 12v. The included power lead didn’t fit the socket of the mixer though, and I also needed to invert the polarity too, so had to invest in a couple of adapters which did the trick!

Some cable ties helped to control the rat’s nest of wires underneath and I added some castors too. Originally, there were 4 castors, but I decided to remove 2 of them so the board tilts at a nice angle.

The photos look a little wonky, but that’s just the angle of the photo – they are square, honest!

Castle Update

Slightly later than anticipated (2 months later than anticipated actually) but I finally took delivery of my log cabin a couple of weeks ago. What ‘delivery’ actually meant was several hundred pieces of wood and a 30 page installation manual!

Construction Time Again

Construction has been pretty swift considering we’ve only spent 2 days on it so far. Walls and roof are up, the outside has been painted and we got the felt on the roof last weekend. Just need to put the glazing in tomorrow and the underfloor insulation and floorboards then I can set about wiring up my solar panels. All very exciting 🙂

Joshua taking charge on the build

The Englishman’s Castle

Just thought I’d give you a quick update on what I’m currently up to. The last couple of weekends have been spent digging, pruning, levelling and visiting the local recycling centre followed by the delivery of a ton of ballast! This ballast was then turned into the concrete base for what will be my new studio… The Englishman’s Castle (Ok, a log cabin then if you prefer).

Here comes the sun

Anyway, as I don’t tend to do these things by halves, the extra dimension to this particular home studio is that I’m hoping to have it partially solar powered! So, it’s been a few evenings swotting up on all things solar and working out what the energy consumption is of all of my equipment. Funny enough, studio equipment doesn’t actually use that much power as long as you steer clear of big power amps and mixing desks, neither of which I use any more. So for a fairly modest outlay, I’ve already bought myself some solar panels, a regulator and an invertor which will provide the 240v for my equipment. All I need now is the log cabin itself (which will be arriving any day soon) plus a deep cycle battery to run it all off.

It’s what’s inside that counts

Of course, once the outside and solar is taken care of, it will be time to kit-out the inside, and for that I’ve been looking at the excellent Ikea Hackers website. It’s really inspiring to see the weird and wonderful ways in which people bend and shape the Ikea furniture. I’ve alreadly got my eye on some modular shelving complete with angled shoe racks which will be great for racking up my old keyboards.

Anyway, I’ve only got pictures of the concrete base (exciting!), but hope to have something more substantial to show in the next few weeks.

In the mean time, if you want to see a really cool renewable energy studio, look no further than Thomas Dolby’s Nutmeg of Consolation, a wind and solar powered studio built into an old lifeboat!